Connecting You to Results

Few media organizations offer the depth and breadth of media experience that you’ll find at Connective Media. With over 30 years of media experience in both small creative shops and large international agencies, our team has implemented everything from local single-medium campaigns to national multi-media efforts. No matter what the size or scope of your project, we have the experience and the tools to help you exceed your marketing objectives. And connect you to maximum results.

At Connective Media, we’re constantly searching for the most innovative solutions to your specific media challenges. We have in-house access to all the research and software tools that the new media world requires. Expect our strategic planning process to position you ahead of your competitors. And connect you to the right media solution.

Naturally, we use all of the most current media research tools including Scarborough, Media Audit, Arbitron, Nielsen, as well as psychographic and geo-demographic profiling. Our media planning and buying tools include Scarborough, MRI, SmartPlus and PrintPlus. And our expertise in media negotiations will link you to the most effective, cost-efficient media solutions available.

Since we value the power of connecting, we’ll listen, collaborate, and recommend solutions that connect all of your media dots. Whether your needs are small and concise, or broad and far reaching, Connective Media will go above and beyond to deliver a unique media experience with a personal touch.

Category Experience


If you like smart, straight-talking, hard-working people (who doesn’t?), you’ll love Joyce McClune. She’s not afraid to ask, and not afraid to try new things, which is partly why she’s so good at what she does and why she’s so respected in the industry.

Joyce has tons of experience — 30 plus years of planning, buying and managing local, regional, national and international media. Her total commitment to exceeding her clients’ expectations has led to relationships that often span decades.

Heather brings over 15 years of media experience managing a wide variety of consumer and B-to-B accounts to her position as Media Director.

Her experience also includes the research end of strategic planning. With in-house research tools such as Claritas, Media Audit, and Scarborough, she is able to bring research and background information to the media planning process that goes beyond basic demographics and leads to more targeted and effective strategies. Heather’s strategic plans allow her clients to maximize their dollars and stay ahead of the competition.